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Throughout the pages of Scriptures, there are hundreds of people that God has used for his purposes. Some of these people are more familiar to many of us. We have heard of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We know the ups and downs of Abraham. We love the Psalms of King David. We have seen Jesus’ disciples grow in their faith over the years on this earth.

However, there are many other names that are much more unfamiliar to us. Do you remember Og, the giant who had a bed made of iron longer than 13 feet? Or Hanun, whose slander cost the lives of over 40,000 men? Or Jephthah, whose foolish promise cost him the life of his daughter?

This summer, we will look at the lives of these lesser known people of the Bible and see the lessons that we also can learn from their lives.  Please come and join us each weekend as we look at “Lessons from Lesser Known People of the Bible.”


St. Paul's Lutheran School

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